Anthony DeLuca

Anthony DeLuca is the Editor and Assistant Producer of Unearthing Ogawa. He was the seventh editor interviewed for the job.

“I talked with potentials in Toronto, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and New York,” Steve Meixell said, “but couldn’t find just the right person to handle the nature of our demanding edit. I had 118 hours of extensive interviews, travel footage, historical and archival clips -- a huge amount of diverse film to wade through and sculpt into an hour documentary.”

Then a college friend mentioned a talented editor who had been working on feature films in upstate NY. When Meixell met Anthony DeLuca at NXT Studio to discuss the project, they realized quickly they had very similar styles and vision. And like other hard-to-explain coincidences that occurred throughout the project, after all the nationwide searching for the ideal craftsperson, DeLuca and his editing suite were just three blocks from Meixell’s house in Fairport, overlooking the old lift bridge on the Erie Canal.

DeLuca recently had escorted his 94-year old grandfather on an Honor Flight mission to Washington, DC to pay homage to the WWII veteran. Anthony understood the history involved in the documentary, and applied his prodigious technical skills to the narrative construction. He and Meixell became trusted partners who challenged each frame of the film and its presentation together. Anthony’s expertise, patience, humor, and friendship were crucial to the project. He is pleasantly tenacious in pursuit of the most effective edit, and a consummate artisan every step of the way.

Previously, DeLuca was the outstanding editor of the feature films Wildflower, King’s Faith, and also edited the award-winning documentaries Not My Life and A Closer Walk.

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