Lynn Penrose Meixell

Lynn Penrose Meixell is the Assistant Producer of Unearthing Ogawa and appears onscreen throughout the film. She also narrates the funder credits at the opening and close of the PBS broadcasts.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin, she worked in purchasing and marketing for Dayton Hudson, Control Data Corporation, and Champion sportswear before Brady was born.

She then managed the computer lab at one of the Fairport NY schools and shared her skill in dealing with middle-schoolers. Her most challenging and gratifying experience as an educator came in working with immigrant and refugee students, helping them adapt and bloom in a new environment.

Lynn was invaluable as a highly-talented organizer on this project, overseeing much of the planning, accounting, and scheduling during the filming and post-production of Unearthing Ogawa. Her upbeat and positive approach kept the process enjoyable for everyone involved, and is reflected warmly in the film.

“I felt a special closeness with my father-in-law Johnny Meixell,” Lynn said, “so it was a pleasure to show the world his character and the nature of his good deeds.”