Maggie Huculak

Maggie Huculak is the Narrator of Unearthing Ogawa and a renowned Canadian actress.

In 2003, upon viewing Ms. Huculak’s narration of the landmark 32-hour documentary series Canada: A People’s History on the CBC, Steve Meixell wrote in a file he keeps on actors for possible future projects: “Maggie Huculak -- voice of history, emotes both facts & their impact w/objective power… excellent narrative progression, gives voice to all -- the grit or glory… presents big history on personal terms. Tremendous warmth/humor/perspective. ***** Ideal for history, public service, travel, documentary project.”

Fifteen years later, he sent Maggie the rough cut of Unearthing Ogawa with a sample scratch track. Her response: “ready when you are.”

Huculak and Meixell worked in streamlined fashion during prep. They critiqued the scratch track, discussed the cadence, emphasis, and nuance of each sentence. By session time, very few takes were needed.

“She’s extraordinarily professional and insightful,” Meixell said. “Everything clicked because she understood and had become the soul of the story before entering the studio. Maggie elevates content with her sageness and inflection.”

Maggie Huculak has performed on Canadian stages for forty years. Cherished artistic collaborations include Necessary Angel Theatre (with Canadian writers Michael Ondaatje, Colleen Murphy John Mighton, and with directors Richard Rose and Daniel Brooks), the late great Theatre Columbus (Martha Ross and Leah Cherniak), Soulpepper Theatre, Globe Theatre and Quote Unquote Collective. Maggie has co-created five Toronto-produced plays: Mein, Hysterica, The Betrayal, Lonely Nights and Other Stories and Now You See Her which is published by Coach House Press. Besides being sole narrator of the epic CBC documentary series Canada: A People’s History, she has worked extensively in film, television, and radio. Maggie is a seven-time Dora Mavor Moore Award nominee, and is the recipient of a Dora Award and a Chalmers Award. She lives in Toronto, Canada.