Steve Meixell

Steve Meixell is the director, writer, and producer of Unearthing Ogawa. It has been named Best U.S. Documentary by the International Manhattan Film Awards in July 2022, winner of Best Documentary at the Chicago Indies Film Festival, and Best Feature Documentary at the California Indies Festival. Unearthing Ogawa was an official selection at Cannes International Cinema Festival 2022 and the Gold Awards in London. It was nominated and on the final ballot for the Emmy Awards 2021, a top finalist at the AFIN awards show (Australia), and has appeared at major festivals across Canada and the Unites States.

Meixell was nominated for the Pushcart Prize in literature (The Rubble). He was editor of International Photography Magazine and wrote for Universal Studios (Baretta). His short stories Ivan Ending and Goodbye Brooklyn were Honorable Mentions in The World’s Finest Mystery and Crime Stories (Forge Press). He has received the Media Writing Award from Northwestern University’s School of Communication, and writes music essays for the Canadian-based global network Calm Radio.

His work has won awards from the International Film & Television Festival, Communication Arts magazine, and was featured as a CLIO finalist.